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Yahoo Messenger Returns!

Yahoo Messenger Returns!

The manner of online chatting has changed exponentially, but, do you remember the once famous Yahoo Messenger?   Yahoo has released a completely revamped version of their messaging application on Thursday, which is available for the web, Yahoo, iPhone and Android smartphone platforms. But, will the messenger be able to attract its old users back? The company thinks it will.

The company has added some really handy features that will tempt users to get back to the app. Yahoo Messenger has added ‘unsend messages’. People can now vanish some sent messages from the chat if they think they have sent a text with some typing error or have written something indecent. The feature will be a blessing for the majority of the users, however, some users won’t like the fact that their chats can later be somewhat edited. But, according to the company, it is a legitimate risk.

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Moreover, the updated Yahoo Messenger helps you send hundred of pictures in a jiffy. This is because Cooliris, the technology that the company has developed some time back.  It first sends low resolution pictures to the other user, once the pictures are downloaded; they get replaced with the higher resolution ones. The chat startup was brought by Yahoo last year for the purpose of speed up the sending process.

Users will also be able to “like” the received messages just similar to how you do on Facebook and Twitter. Following the latest trend, you can also send GIF images through the messenger; which can be found on other Yahoo owned websites. Plus, you can also expect some new video features to be added in the arsenal of the app in the near future.

Yahoo isn’t stopping here; they are planning to get back in the game with a boom. Recently, the company introduced an app called LiveText. The app had similar features as of Snapchat. The app lets you video conference, but, instead of sound, you do conference in writing. Yahoo has clearly stated that they will not discontinue LiveText for the revamped Yahoo Messenger as both the apps target different audience altogether.

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