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The history of technology and where we are headed

Today, things have dramatically changed for the better and the worst at the same time. Why you may ask? Take the automobile as an example, since the invention of ford’s mode T, the average person has been able to travel great distances. Before the automobile, people relied on horses to get from point A to point B. They were uncomfortable and gave people saddle sores. To make matters worse, horses were slow and couldn’t be relied upon for long distance travel. However, the model T changed all that, it opened up new horizons for people. Now entire families could travel to and from different states in relative comfort. Sadly, the model T wasn’t that safe, it didn’t have seat belts, anti lock brakes or airbags for that matter.  In addition to that, the model T did not have a crumble zone – designed to take the brunt of the impact. Slowly but surely automotive technology improved for the better, vehicles became safer and more technology advanced. Today, with the advent of self-driving vehicles, the future of transportation safety looks bright.

2247354362_a3d818ac9f_oThe same can be held true for computers when they were first invented. They were bulky and lacked an operating system, making it difficult for the average person to use it for everyday tasks. Then, when the internet was first launched in the early 90’s, it was thought of as the most revolutionary idea since the invention of the wheel. Today, an internet connection is a must for every household. In fact, entire businesses now rely and depend on the internet – injecting billions of dollars into the U.S economy every year. Sadly, the internet is far from perfect. In fact, it has given rise to internet crime, digital espionage and pirating of software, movies, games and other soft media. Today, in the developed world such as United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom more people are worried about having their personal data stolen than they are worried about being mugged or beaten.

That’s because it is far too easy to steal someone’s digital information than it is to rob them. Plus, there are far fewer chances of being caught. In addition, in most cases of online identity theft, the victim may never find out he or she has become a victim.  Consequently, today we live in the age of digital crime and online terrorism. Today, companies are spending millions of dollars investing in data leak prevention software and encryption. In addition, it’s not only companies that are being affected by this menace; they are individuals who have been directly impacted with their personal identities stolen. Many users, till this day, are not careful with their personal information. Whether they have personal data saved on their desktops, laptops, tablets or smart phones, many users have little or no protection on their devices. If users are wondering how to lock files on their computers, experts recommend that invest in data privacy and encryption applications, which are now available for every operating platform.


With every new idea bringing forward its benefits and pitfalls, things are bound to improve in the future. Although technology will never be perfected, in the future, technology will reward us with more benefits than it has in the past with its pitfalls.


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