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The Future Of Smartphones is Smarter Phones


Have you ever thought seeing your smartphone that how come you are able to carry a phone which is also a mini computer. If you have never thought in this aspect, then pull out your smartphone from your pocket and remember the time where this idea seemed absolutely unreal. An interesting fact is that this shape and features of smartphones are also not ultimate. These intelligent phones have a brighter future; it has a long way to go. Here are some of the predictions about smartphones, what features they might carry and how useful they can get.

Iris scans

You must have seen in Hollywood movies that extremely confidential information is hidden in a vault, which can only be opened through scanning of the iris of that vicious villain in the movie person. The person stands in front of a high-tech machine that scans the person’s eye, identifies the iris and unlocks the door. It certainly makes us question that whether we will ever be able to have iris scan security locks. Well, the moment is not too far when we will be using our eye’s iris to unlock our phone. In fact, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer has even tested iris scanning on their smartphone. Their intelligent cell phone scans the person’s iris and unlocks the phone. The owner will not have to enter the password every time; just staring at the phone will do the trick. It is exciting!

Privacy pixels

Shoulder snooping and prying eyes are a common problem when you are using your phone at a public place. But, the remedy is almost there, according to some reports, Dell has come up with software that warp the patterns of pixels on the screen, which only enables the user to understand the content on the screen. The screen can only be seen within the 60 degree range. Although, this technology has not been tested on a smartphone yet, but, there is no reason to disbelieve that it is soon be tested on cell phones as well. It will surely boost up people’s privacy when they will use their beloved smartphone in a public place. Only he or she will be able to see the screen and the shoulder snoopers will just see dark images with no interpretation.

Augmented reality

You must have seen a scene from Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 3, where he gets all the information about his mission in a pair of sunglasses. It seemed a fantasy that time, but, today it has become a reality or I may say we have moved very near making it a reality. Google Glass is such an example, although, Google’s product is not adapted by the world, but, it has shown us the future of gadgets. Smartphones will able us to make it a reality very soon. There is no doubt that the future of smartphones is smarter phones. The future of these gadgets is bright and will be full of surprises. You can expect anything from them. The next generation phones will be love.

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