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The Dumb Tech of the Modern Era


As Drew Houston said, “Don’t worry about failures, you only have to be right once”. Technology is all about experiments and implementation of theories. There are some experiments get extremely successful and some end up in disappointments. Here we will have a sneak peek on some of the biggest technological disasters of the modern era.

Windows Vista (2006)

It was too much hype before the launch of Windows Vista. The previous edition of Windows, i.e. XP was tremendously successful, thus, Microsoft work their heart out for 5 long years to make it a booming successor. However, Microsoft Windows Vista ended up as a complete disaster at the end of the day for some obvious reasons. It was later revealed that even the people that worked to craft this flop masterpiece, had a fair idea that they are working on a terrible operating system.

Ultra Mobile PCs (2006)

Before the world was introduced with smartphones, there were gadgets, which sized smaller than laptops and looked bulky. They were called Ultra Mobile PCs. UMPCs ran Windows as their OS. They were ugly looking and underpowered, yet, they were expansive. Moreover, they used to get super hot when operated. It has got all the ingredients to be dumped for a smartphone.

Motorola Rokr E1 (2005)

You may be surprised to know that the first cell phone to ever run iTunes was not an iPhone, it was Motorola’s Rokr E1. It was a candy-bar-style phone launched in 2005; it was an expensive device and had limited capability. The cell phone had a room for only 100 songs, the introduction of iPhone a couple of years later, completely wiped it off from the memory.

BlackBerry Service Down (2011)

In October 2011, around 35 million CrackBerry users were unable to access their email accounts or surf the internet for four days due to a service breakdown. It cost nearly $54 million to the parent company of BlackBerry. A huge number of users decided to switch to either Android or iPhone due to the unavailability of service for just four days. It was indeed a disaster for BlackBerry.

Myspace (2011)

Myspace appeared on the scene as a giant social media network in 2003. But, the website enjoyed a short-lived fame as Facebook came and conquered the cyber world. Myspace was bought by News Corp in 2005 for $580 million and they had to get rid of it after six years for just $35 million. Although, the News Corp has dumped it in 2011, but, it still exists and has around 50 million active users.

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