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The different types of smart phone users

smartphone-usersWe all know that social media is the next big thing since sliced bread. However, fewer people know the risks it poses for its users. For example, did you know that your social media accounts could be hacked if you didn’t secure them with a social media vault! The fact of the matter is that your password and account could be hacked if it ends up in the wrong hands.

If you’ve been using facebook for a while, you know that one can expect to find all sorts of people. However, there a few stereotypical people who can be found on mostly everyone’s facebook feed.  Facebook is filled with so many crazy characters; you may just end up doubting your own sanity. Consequently, the following is a list and descriptions of such characters you can find.

The narcissists:

Facebook is famous for those who love to brag about their perfect lives. By posting their so called ‘perfect selfies’ they are showing the world how happy there are with their lives and looks. On top of that, these types of users crave attention from others. The more likes they get, the more popular they feel.  People of such nature also like to add a lot of friends, so if you ever get a friend request from someone who already has 2000 friends, you know you are facebook friends with a narcissist.

The nagging wife:

Men tend to live mostly tough, hard lives. They work all day; some of them do hard-labor. However, at the end of the day, they have to listen to their wives nag about not taking out the trash, not taking the dog for a walk or not fixing that leaky faucet. However, a man’s ordeal isn’t over just yet. He now has to read his wife’s comment on facebook while at work, ‘hey, don’t forget to pick-up the kids from the mall’.

Parents on facebook:

If you have parents on facebook, as most of us do. You know there are limitations on what you can share. However, it is annoying enough that you parents like your every post and then comment on it. If you are a teen, this can be quite embarrassing.  Nonetheless, there is hope. If you don’t want your parents to find you on facebook, you can change the settings in your facebook account and prevent others from discovering your profile.

The conspiracy theorists:

How many times he you seen posts by someone claiming that 9/11 was pre-planned, or the government is hiding the existence of aliens? They truly believe the government is controlling people, and if you tell them that they are nuts, they can easily take offense.

The political activists:

We all have that one friend that is more political active than everyone else, be it republican or democrat. These users are constantly posting updates on latest political gains for the party they support and blunders which they oppose. With U.S presidential race heating up, we are bound to see more users like this surface on facebook.


Just like in real life, the social media world is filled with stereo typical people who have their own way of thinking. The only way avoid such people is to not use facebook at all.


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