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Facebook Lottery Scam!

FACEBOOK! Who doesn’t know about it? In this social-networking internet time, every single web user is aware of this networking giant who has snatched away all the traffic from other social networking forums within few years. According to statistics collected from Wikipedia, as of July 2011, Facebook has more than ...

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ATO Tax Refund Scam

Online Scams

Scamming, now a days, has taken an entirely diverse form, becoming solely a swindling attempt to grab your hard earned money. Starting from a scamming incident happened in February 2010 in which Australian taxation Office had become a target of a money scam, in which people were tricked to claim ...

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The Anatomy Of Phishing

  Fishing with an F is a way to catch Fish, using bait like worms, which is FUN. Phishing with a PH isn’t fun. It’s scary internet stuff -A way for bad people to catch your private details, like your bank account details, your credit card information or passwords. And ...

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