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Situation Of Data Breach Incidents In The Light Of Latest Statistics

Verizon is playing a vital role in creating the awareness among the users by publishing data breach report at regular intervals. It is followed by all the tech-related people and ordinary users, that are looking to protect their information, are highly recommended to read it. It scrutinizes a huge number of reported data breach incidents all around the globe related to different industries. Verizon kept going their practice this year as well and their recent report is based on nearly 80,000 incidents and 2,000 record breaches from 61 different countries. Dozens of different service providers and experts put up their efforts to get the report done. This year’s report is interesting and informative as well, lets have a look at its findings.


Affected industries

The top three affected industries have remained the same. The public sector, the information industry and the finance sector are the ones that have suffered the most.  As per the numbers, the public sector is hit by almost 50,000 security breach incidents, but, there are 300 confirmed incidents. Which is overall a huge number. The information industry has 100 confirmed incidents of data breach, however, the estimated number is around 1,500 records breach. The finance sector has also been fairly affected by 300 confirmed compromises and 650 security incidents. These industries got highlighted, but, one thing is for sure that no industry is completely immune from this threat.

Common trends

Gone are the days where hackers used to attack databases just to show off their intelligence and just for fun. Now, hackers do it purposefully to earn and harm users or firms. As per the Verizon’s latest report on data breach, almost 70 percent of attacks are done just for the sake of attacking other people. For instance, if online criminals attack a business’ database, they are doing it for the purpose of stealing personal information of their customers, so that they can attack them as well. However, companies have become a bit more efficient to detect that they have become a victim of hacking. It is somewhat a positive sign, they can control damage to some extent if they work swiftly.

Popular ways of data leakage

Hackers are using tried and tested techniques to make users their target. The situation is alarming, many industries claimed that they had never seen such a high number of malware and they believe there are new and even more damaging malicious programs are circulating around. Apart from these malware programs, there is another huge threat of phishing. The fact stunned me that nearly 23 percent of the users open phishing emails and as high as 11 percent users click on the infectious link or download the attached file. It is one of the oldest techniques that hackers have been using for ages and still it is quite effective. Other than that, there are system vulnerabilities. Technology has progressed a lot, but, still it is nowhere near to be perfect.


One thing that Verizon’s report has clearly conveyed that data breach threat is constantly on the rise and it means the situation is expected to get worse only. You need to take these threats seriously and work to ensure the protection of your privacy. Using software that can act as folder locker and using other different techniques to safeguard your personal information can help your cause.

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