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Facebook Looking to Eliminate Phone Numbers

Most probably, you only remember your own phone number. There will be hardly anyone whose number you have memorized. You just put your contact numbers of people around you and never try to know what those details actually are. You tap on that contact whenever you want to call or ...

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Brazil blocks WhatsApp for 48 hours

Access to the Whatsapp messenger is being cut-off for 48 hours in Brazil. The unprecedented blockage was to implement a Sao Paulo state court order and was to take effect at 0200 GMT Thursday.   The block is a punishment for WhatsApp’s refusal to communicate with the court over a ...

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Facebook and Uber shake hands!

Facebook and Uber have recently announced that they’ve shaken hands over a new deal which marks Facebook’s entry in the transport business. If successful, the partnership between the firms would allow Uber access to Facebook Messenger’s 700 million monthly users.   Facebook had announced earlier this year that their ambition ...

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Yahoo dying a slow death

In January 1994, Yang and Filo created a website named “Jerry and David’s guide to the World Wide Web”. It was just a directory of other websites, organized in hierarchy format. Two months later, they renamed it to “Yahoo!” and a year later, they created the “yahoo.com” domain. Yahoo grew ...

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