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Security stories around the globe and new ways of solving old problems.

Signs your social media account has been hacked

Step out on a busy city street and you are sure to spot people tapping away on their smart phones. These folks are constantly glued to their devices as if their life revolves around them. It’s quite astonishing to see how these devices have manipulated our lifestyles. Likewise, smart phones ...

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Internet addiction and smart phones

Internet addiction has long been discovered ever since computers were introduced. However, recent studies in the UK revealed that smart phone have overtaken laptops as the primary device from which internet is accessed. Consequently, the time spent on the internet has also increased by more than 20 hours a week ...

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Be smart about smart phone security

Your smart phone is considered your best friend and your worst enemy at the same time – whether you like it or not. It can help you find the nearest café to alleviate your caffeine fix, catch up on the news while on to go or check the weather before ...

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