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Security stories around the globe and new ways of solving old problems.

Blackberry to launch an Android running smartphone

Blackberry has been struggling to gain a foothold in an already competitive smart phone market – but without much success. The newest CEO of blackberry is considering putting the idiom of “if you can’t beat them, join them” into practice. Yes, Blackberry will be releasing an Android version of their ...

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The rise of free messaging apps

The very early stages of communication involved using mores code; it was the first time man invented a means of communicating without speaking a word. It allowed people to communicate through a series of blinks and taps, each tap or blink involved the user flashing a light or communicating through ...

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The internet: The good and the bad

The internet or the World Wide Web as it is known is a place full of wonder and limitless potentials. It has significantly impacted our lives mostly for the better. The internet is virtual global community where we can meet people from all backgrounds and understand their culture, political, religious ...

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Is Facebook a source of narcissism?

Before facebook was invented, things were a little less complicated than they are today. Our privacy was more secure, and no one had to know what you had for dinner, or where you were planning your birthday bash. Without facebook, things like identity theft and cyber bullying were non-existent. Consequently, ...

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