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Mozilla Firefox Finally Available for iOS Users


Mozilla Firefox has finally launched their browser for the iOS users. The company, which is among some of the giants in engineering browsers, kept refusing to code a browser for iPhone, iPad or iPod users saying that the OS is too restricted for third-party browsers. Since Apple launched their iOS 8, which was a much friendlier one as compared to its preceding versions, Mozilla announced to launch their browser. The company said in a tweet last year, “We need to be where our users are so we’re going to get Firefox on iOS.”

Firefox is the latest major browser now available to iDevices. Safari is the default browser for Apple users; Google also launched their flagship browser, Google Chrome long ago for the iOS platform and has done reasonably good in the market. However, Opera also tried their luck with iUsers, but, failed to impress them and lagged long behind their competitors. Mobile devices are a priority for browsers as more and more users tend to surf the internet using them. Mozilla, a new entrant in the market, has to lock horns with Safari and Chrome, which are far more stable and popular for the respective platform.

The veteran browser can keep track of your open pages using thumbnails. It helps you to switch to any recent page in a jiffy. The browser allows you to open as many tabs as you desire, each tab is numbered, and thus you can find the desired web content with convenience. You are free to choose the default search engines, Google, Bing or Yahoo. Moreover, if you crave to set up Amazon, Twitter, Wikipedia or any other page, you easily can.

One of the signature things about Apple is that they keep their operating systems extremely stable, which eventually protects their privacy. Any browser that wants to enter Apple market has to be immensely reliable and secure. Mozilla has not compromised on privacy and intends to offer reliable security to their users. You can visit websites in the private mode, so, no browsing footmarks or cookies are recorded. With Firefox, all you require is a tap to clean your browsing history, login credentials or other data that can compromise your privacy.

You can sync your web history, tabs and passwords to your iOS devices from your desktop computers/laptops or from other devices. Firefox can keep track all of your passcodes across different platform, making your life easier.

Firefox has dumped their core browsing technology, Gecko Package and adopted Safari’s technology called WebKit. Mozilla has actually put a wrapper of Firefox around the core browsing technology of Safari. Due to restrictions imposed by Apple for non-Apple developers, Mozilla could not develop the browser as desired. But, due to the fact that Apple rules a large chunk of smartphone and tablet market, thus, Mozilla had to enter the segment. As their spokesperson stated, “The iOS share of the mobile market continues to grow, and we are always looking for new ways to bring people into the Firefox ecosystem,”, he further added, “Being on iOS and giving people a connected Firefox experience helps us achieve that goal.”

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