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How to Make Your Slow Computer Run Faster ?

Top Ways To Make Your Slow PC Run Faster!


How to Make Your Slow Computer Run Faster ?
How to Make Your Slow Computer Run Faster ?

In this blog, I will discuss the issue of bloatware and how it can significantly slow down your PC. I will also give out some pointers on how make your new PC run faster.

Go back 10 years from now and try to remember the first time you unboxed and started up your new laptop or desktop, with a touch of the power button, windows loaded up so fast – it seemed unreal. Today, if you are looking to purchase a new laptop or desktop, don’t expect the same results. Why you may wonder? That’s because newer PCs are now being shipped with preinstalled software – known as crapware – but if you are not too keen on using foul language – you can also refer to it as bloatware.

What in the world is Bloatware?

Well, if you are computer geek you already know the answer to question posted above. But for the rest, bloatware just happens to be a good thing and a bad thing. Firstly, lets me tell you why it’s a bad thing – perhaps the biggest reason is the fact that it takes up too much processing power–and not to mention—it sucks up most of your PC’s RAM. Additionally, it also messes up your desktop’s aesthetics with all the clutter preloaded on your desktop. On the plus side, bloatware can also be a good thing, especially considering the fact that it keeps the overall cost of the computer down. That’s because, PC manufacturers charge companies for placing bloatware on their PC’s before they are shipped out for commercial sales – thus passing on the savings to consumers – who may ended up paying more, had there not been any bloatware preinstalled on their new computer(s). However, it wouldn’t be long before bloatware manages to get on your nerves, in that case, there’s only one way to get rid of it – simply uninstall it.

Uninstalling Windows 8.1 Bloatware:

If you’ve just purchased a PC with Windows 8.1, you’ve must have noticed that there are also bloatware preinstalled on your computer’s start screen.  However, despite the drawback associated with Windows 8.1, one good that it has going for it – is the fact that bloatware on Windows 8.1 is less annoying – as it doesn’t run in the background. Plus, it super-simple to uninstall, all one has to do is click on the icon, right click and select the uninstall option – yes, it’s that simple!

Uninstalling Windows 7 bloatware:

Uninstalling Windows 7 bloatware is comparatively a little more tedious compared to Windows 8 — thus it takes a little more effort. You’ll have to go to your control panel and select the “add or remove programs” options, locate each bloatware and uninstall it one at a time. If you don’t want to go through this mind-numbing process, you can download software tools such as PC Decrapifier or my personal favorite, should I remove it?

Safeguard your data and Keep your new PC running smooth:

However, some software is essential for your PC’s health such as antivirus software which can prevent external threats. Other software such as Folder Lock is proven to keep your data safe from both external and internal threats.

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