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Is Facebook a source of narcissism?

fb-girl-attitudeBefore facebook was invented, things were a little less complicated than they are today. Our privacy was more secure, and no one had to know what you had for dinner, or where you were planning your birthday bash. Without facebook, things like identity theft and cyber bullying were non-existent. Consequently, employers didn’t have to worry about monitoring employee use of the internet, nor was there any risk of your employer finding out that you’re favorite past time is binge drinking and passing out on the weekend – or worse during weekdays after work. With facebook in the picture, we are literally throwing out our private lives for people to observe and judge. Consequently, facebook has brought has done more harm than good. Despite its economical potential, people have abused this platform rather than utilize it for the greater good.

For some people, facebook has become their lifeline. Their lives revolve around this virtual book. Be it for socialization, entertainment or information, facebook has become the go to website for most young adults. However, it has also become a source of great concern, as millions of users are spending countless hours on it without any regard for their personal responsibilities. Facebook has billions of users on it, and when it comes to personal privacy, there’s no guarantee that your privacy will remain protected. In fact, social media use through smart phone is riskier than use through a desktop PC. If users end up losing or having their smart phones stolen, they can have their personal information stolen through their social media accounts.  Consequently, applications such as Social Media Vault have been designed to prevent such incidents from occurring, as users social media accounts are locked and cannot be accessed without the correct password.

Can facebook enhance your self-esteem or does it go too far by promoting narcissistic behavior?  There seems to conflicting reports regarding such evidences. For some people, facebook isn’t a tool for connecting with friends and family, instead it has become a source of narcissistic attitude, mostly prevalent amongst young adults.  However, such behavioral problems can be an underlying issue of a serious mental health problem. Since social media such as facebook promotes narcissistic behavior, users have come to rely on this platform to get their gratification. Thus, when the user is not able to access such platforms, they could easily become depressed or go through a mental breakdown.

According to psychologist, social media addiction can be similar to drug addiction. It gives users a powerful dose of serotonin and dopamine. What’s more, social media has also been known to promote bad habits amongst teens. Teens are now more prone to pick up drugs and alcohol that pre facebook. Today, teens are sharing their images of drug and alcohol use and sharing them amongst their friends circle. Images of such nature are spreading fast and are compelling others to do the same.  It has become increasingly difficult not to give into peer pressure stemming from facebook friends.


Facebook has changed how we think and share information. Today, our society is keener on socializing on the internet than in real-life. If this trend continues, soon we will no longer have real relationships.


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