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Identity Theft—The Fastest Growing Crime in America

Identity Theft

Identity theft has become a severe problem for computer users all around the globe. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) claims that identity theft is the most rapidly growing crime in America. According to the Federal Trade Commission of America, identity thieves use information like names, account numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers and other personal information of about 10 million people each year. To solve a problem, the first step is always the same, that is to know the problem and understand it. So you better learn how do thieves steal your identity and what they do with it? Resultantly, you will be able to protect yourself.

There can be two types of identity thefts at the corporate level. Either hackers break through into the database of big businesses using different techniques or their own employees steal data. Employees steal confidential information of customers and use them for their own good or pass them to other criminals against some sort of bribe. As a result, companies should take some initiative and provide their sensitive files military grade encryption using Folder Lock.

It is a fair possibility that you may lose your identity in the hands of an online or offline crook. Your identity can be snatched from you if a hacker gets access to your social media or email account. Apart from that, there are thousands of ways in which your personal information can be stolen from the web. Other than that, a crook can steal your identity by just shoulder snooping while your are using your ATM or any other similar facility. Isnt it scary!

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Hackers can use sophisticated methods to victimize individual users, they can use phishing techniques, look to stalk your social media accounts and by other means as well. Phishing technique is one of the most used methods to hunt innocent computer users. Phishing can be done through emails or through websites as well. Hackers develop phishing websites, they usually are disguised as an online store that offer you irresistible deals. You put all your information along with your credit card number or other financial information, which is enough for online criminals to harm you. Thus, you need to be aware of these threats and look to avoid being a target.

When your identity is stolen, you lose your identity and the thief becomes you. Any transaction or any act performed by him will be considered as done by you. Hackers can shop on your credit card and may issue some credit cards from a bank using your credentials. Definitely, when the credit card is issued on your credentials, you will be the one to pay off all the bills and face the consequences of being the defaulter. It can be really scary. Whereas, cyber criminals can be even more devastating, they can issue a car loan using your initials and use them for other even more damaging purposes. You can have a life long dilemma.

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