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How to transfer files from iPhone to PC without using a USB cable?

Transfer files from iPhone to PC

I’m definitely not the first person on this planet who uses an iPhone, but doesn’t own a Mac. Those who suffer the same wrath would understand how awful it feels when you need to transfer files from iPhone to PC.

Most people use iTunes to transfer files to their PC. However, the PC version of iTunes is really not as good as the Mac version is. It’s also very complex and time consuming. It’s also mandatory for you to have a Data Cable available so that you may connect your phone to your PC. There are other apps available too, but they are just as complex.

Folder Lock from NewSoftwares is your ultimate solution!

It happened once that I needed to buy a mobile wallet application to store the bunch of credit card numbers I had at the time. A friend recommended Folder Lock from NewSoftwares because of its security features. While using Folder Lock, I came across a feature I didn’t expect that it would have, the ‘Wifi File Transfer’ feature!

Download the app from App Store before you start following my tutorial to free yourself from this issue.

Transfer Files From iPhone to PC

  • Open Folder Lock.
  • Access the ‘Wifi’ option available on Main Menu.
  • Turn it on and enter the IP address on your Mac browser that would be shown to you.
  • Enter your Folder Lock Password.
  • Transfer files.
  • Done!

That’s about it. You can also hide and protect private pictures, videos, audios, documents, etc in the Folder Lock iPhone application. All in all, Folder Lock does the job to hide and lock stuff you don’t want others to have free access to and also allows you to transfer files easily!

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