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How 5G will change the way we use internet


In the near future, 5G deployment will more than just achieving faster internet speeds, it will be about the internet of things. With 5G, WebPages will load in less than a blink of an eye; however, 5G will have a higher purpose than just a new connection technology that will let users experience internet speeds 100 times faster compared to today – it will become an invaluable catalyst that will drive the IOT (internet of things).

Our lives will constantly be connected to the internet once the internet of things becomes a reality. From heart monitors to your self-driving car, it will all be connected to 5G. The technology will monitor your blood pressure and heart rhythms, alerting you of any health problems – preventing you from having a heart attack. Your self-driving car will be able to make split second decisions, preventing and avoiding deadly accidents – making our daily commute safer and stress free. What’s more, the IOT will enable us to control our thermostats, security systems, doors locks and monitor fire alarms. In a nutshell, all electronic things will be connected to the internet to some capacity – making life more convenient for us.

Currently, internet service providers around the world are still in the phase of rolling out 4G. 4G internet speeds are more than adequate to stream HD quality videos and load heavy content without any noticeable lag, but 4g technology is not capable of supporting the internet of things revolution – it can only be supported with 5g technology.  In the United States, Verizon wireless has decided to experiment with this technology, and has announced to rollout 5g internet service sometime next year.

However, experts believe that 5g won’t become main stream until 2020. Currently, there are no smartphones that can support 5g internet. What’s more, the technology – once completely rolled out throughout the world – will replace the need for broadband internet at home. Although, the same trend can be seen in which traditional broadband services have been replaced with 4G wireless devices and WIMAX in some countries.

Verizon’s justification to roll out 5G next year has been motivated by its curiosity – this will enable Verizon to figure out practical applications that can be supported through this technology. However, Verizon and other service providers had blatantly rejected the idea of unlimited data once 5G rolls out. In fact, users may be expected to pay more initially. However, it’s not the technical restrictions that are hindering service providers from offering unlimited data; it’s more of a financial restriction.

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