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Hidden Hazards of recycling your old Smartphone

Hidden Hazards of recycling your old Smartphone
Hidden Hazards of recycling your old Smartphone

For most people, recycling their Smartphone is as simple as tossing it in the recycle bin at your local electronics store – and then forgetting about it – without truly realizing the hidden hazards of recycling their Smartphone. At this point, you may be wondering: what can be so hazardous about recycling your old mobile device?
Keep In mind, that there is a right way to recycle your mobile gadget, and then there is a wrong way.

So, now you may be wondering, what happens if I forget to take the necessary precautions before tossing my device into the recycle bin? Well, statistics show that 1 in 4 devices that are processed for recycling, are accessed by data thieves – since your data is as good as gold – finding any useful information can prove to be a fruitful find for data thieves.y to do it. Subsequently, the right way to do it is to restore your device back to its default factory setting – in essence deleting all your private data on your device. In addition to that, removing your SD card is also crucial – as many users forget to remove their SD cards before recycling their old cellular phones.

Consequently, once crooks get access to your Smartphone or portable device, it’s only a matter of time before your personal information, such as copies of your banking statements, passport copies, driver’s license copies, and residential address and perhaps even your credit card information could be obtained by criminals. To make matters worse on your end, it is extremely rare for the victim (you) to find out about this incident – usually most victims find out once they start receiving calls from collection agencies – as most victims of identity theft commonly have their credit cards maxed out by crooks – without even a whim of suspicion.

Today – more than ever – we are storing extremely personal information on our mobile devices – especially now that smart phones are within the grasp of the average mobile phone consumer. Since smart phones are as nearly capable of processing and saving information as your laptop, many users begin to save their personal documents and media on these portable devices – without realizing the consequences if they end up losing their devices. However, today – and this especially true for professionals – that portable smart devices have become a necessary tool for improving workplace productivity and overall convenience.

Therefore, we cannot completely refrain from storing personal information on our mobile devices. So, what other options are available to counteract this issue? Well, for once, you can download the several – free and paid – mobile data security applications available on your respective app store. Perhaps the most popular and comprehensive application is Folder Lock which is available on Android and Windows mobile operating platform. Regardless, of which application you decide to protect your personal data with, make sure to read the reviews and then make your decision. However, there’s little doubt that your best option is to avoid storing personal details on your mobile device all together.

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