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Galaxy S7 Features leaked

Galaxy S7 Features

As with every new flagship Samsung smartphone release, there’s no shortage of excitement and anticipation. According to leaked rumors, the S7 will most likely have a retina scanner and many other exciting features I will discuss in this blog post. It seem as Samsung, in a bid to compete with cheaper Chinese smartphones, is upping its game. The Galaxy S7 will have features that promise to leave all other flagship smartphones in the dust.  In a nutshell, Samsung will go all out to make sure it succeeds in turning around its slumping smartphone sales.

This is the part when I start discussing the good stuff. According to a report published by the Wall Street journal, Samsung is looking to equip the S7 with a pressure-sensitive display much like the newer range of 3D touch – perhaps Samsung plans to integrate this technology in its existing touch wiz technology. Additionally, users can also expect to have a USB Type- C charging port, in various S7 models.

With this new charging technology, users will be able to charge their from 0% to 100% in less than 30 minutes, beating the charging time of other fast charging phones such as the Nexus 6p or the Moto X pure edition.

However, the most exciting feature – the retina scanner is rumored to be the most anticipated by users.  However, S7 enthusiast will have to wait till March of 2016 for an official launch to find out all the details.  With China’s Huawei bringing newer flagship handsets to the market, and the nexus 6p and Moto X pure edition boasting powerful cameras, the next s7 will surely have to stand out if Samsung wants to capture a larger chunk of the smartphone consumer market.

Samsung has seen some success with its s6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge + Plus models, namely, these handsets were praised for their superior hardware capabilities. However, Samsung has not been able to stay competitive with lower cost alternatives that offer the same level of processing capabilities.

It seems Samsung is now focused on competing with lower cost alternatives; Samsung somehow needs to convince that its flagship devices are worth paying for, even when it comes to comparing them with low cost alternatives.

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