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Fixing misconceptions about phone batteries


There are a number of perceptions about do’s and don’ts while charging your battery. There are concepts like not charging your phone overnight for the sake of your battery’s better health and similar others. However, many of these advices turn out to be baseless and bogus at the end of the day. To get you out of these misconceptions, here are five myths that I am busting today regarding the issue. You must have heard all of these and may have a divine believe on them.

Leaving your phone plugged in for long, damages your battery

You must have heard this advice a number of times in your life. Words like, “Do not leave your phone plugged in overnight”, will not be something alien to you. According to this myth, the overnight charging overwhelms your phone battery, which damages it and makes it unable to hold the charge for long. But, fortunately, this isn’t the fact. Smartphones are actually smart, so when it gets fully charged, it stops pulling the power in. In fact, the new breed of smartphones is intelligent enough to pull in power strongly till it is around 80% charged; afterwards, they slow down the process. This smartness of smartphones helps keeping batteries healthy.

Charge your phone when the battery is completely drained

Along with smartphones, the batteries used in them are also getting smarter. The older batteries that beset Nickel-cadmium (NiCd) and Nickel-metal-hyrdide (NiMH) are said to suffer the “memory effect”. It was said that if you charge your phone when it is 50 percent of 40 percent charged, the next time your phone’s battery would drain to that point (40% or 50%), your battery would think it has drained out. It is a long debate that whether this memory effect actually ever existed or not. But, one thing is sure that the latest lithium-ion batteries do not face such a memory issue.

Charging your phone kills its battery over time

At first instance, this is a fact, but, it is not a fact as people have been telling you for ages. Actually, the new lithium-ion batteries lose some of its capability of holding power with every charge cycle. A charge cycle has nothing to do with the number of times you charge your phone. Actually, a charge cycle completes when your phone is 100 percent discharged each time. If you connect your phone to the charger when your phone battery is 70 percent drained, next time, your phone gets 30% discharge, it will complete a charge cycle. This is how long a charge cycle actually is.

Not to use your phone when it is charging

The only truth in it, is that if you use your phone while it is connected to a charger, it will longer to get it charged. The reason is simple, using your phone lights up your screen and it consumes your battery, and thus, it takes long. Now, the reason expert advice against using your phone while it is on charge is that there is a risk of getting electrocuted. However, it is completely a myth unless you are using a connected phone in your bathtub or your charger is of a low and cheap quality. Otherwise, using your phone while charging, does not impose a bit of threat to the health of your phone’s battery.

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