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Facebook Looking to Eliminate Phone Numbers

Eliminate Phone Numbers

Most probably, you only remember your own phone number. There will be hardly anyone whose number you have memorized. You just put your contact numbers of people around you and never try to know what those details actually are. You tap on that contact whenever you want to call or send an SMS on that number. That is how things are. If things were not worse enough, Facebook comes in the scene to make the situation worst. The social media giant probably wants to eliminate the thing called phone numbers from the scratch.

Facebook messenger has been the fastest growing messenger application in the preceding year with nearly 800 million users within almost no time. Users are able to chat, call, voice call, manage conversation and do almost everything using Facebook messenger. It has become such a comprehensive means of communication and people are loving its presence. With message request, you can now interact with anyone, even with people who are not your Facebook friends.

The Vice President of Facebook Messenger, David Marcus, has coined texting as an activity of backward. He says that with Facebook Messenger, you don’t only text to your friends; you can send emojis, photos, videos, stickers, GIF images and even money. However, sending money via Facebook is not a considerable option for me for now at least keeping the online threats in view.

Not everyone feels comfortable in handing over the phone number to Facebook. Even the social media giant has tried ways like asking your phone number as an extra piece of information for security. There are some grapevines that Facebook wants to eradicate phone numbers because there are many users who do not reveal their number to them.

There is a concern in the atmosphere that there a number of phone users, maybe in millions, who do not use Facebook. But, Marcus has clearly stated that in order to use Facebook Messenger, being a Facebook Messenger is not mandatory at all. It seems like Facebook has a long way to go, but, there is also signs that social media giant is looking to get its roots deeper.

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