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Facebook attempting to take over the Artificial Intelligence world!


Those of you who use Facebook may already be familiar with much of the company’s current Artificial Intelligence features. For example, if you want to tag a friend on a photo that you’ve recently uploaded, Facebook automatically detects your friend in the photo and gives you suggestion based on that. The social media titan has recently announced plans to go one step, or may I say two steps further by updating their current AI model.

The company has already unveiled a technology earlier this year, named ‘Memory Networks’, which allows a machine to perform sophisticated questioning and answering. Now it plans to go further ahead, by using this technology to allow users to “see” what’s happening in the picture without looking at it! That’s right. The company has confirmed that this technology is currently going through a series of trials. If it works, this technology will allow a machine to identify different aspects of a picture and then answer questions about it.

The social network said on Tuesday that it has created a system that teaches machines to identify objects and actions in a photo that is 30% faster and uses 10 times less training data than most other systems and industry benchmarks. This new development would be particularly helpful for people who are visually impaired. They would not need to look at the picture to see what’s happening. What they can do is ask a series of questions regarding that picture and the machine would then be able to answer their queries.

This is not all. The company has also announced that it is working on updating its artificial intelligence model so that it would be able to play a game that no other AI system has yet mastered. Go is an eastern two-player game that has more than 300 times the number of plays as chess. Go is truly a difficult game that requires lots of thoughtful planning. The game is played on a 19 X 19-line grid. The players are given a set of black and white stones and must attempt to cover a larger surface area of the board than their opponent.

After the first two moves of a chess game, there are about 400 possible next moves. In Go, there are close to 130,000. No computer system has ever managed to beat a human at Go. Facebook, however, is attempting to do just that and make history just the way IBM’s Deep Blue computer did when it beat world chess champion, Garry Kasparov in 1996.

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