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Business Security Ideas – Devices & Software to Protect Your Data

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If are you a smart and safety conscious iPhone user, you certainly keep your iPhone locked by setting a 4-digit passcode which it asks for, every time it wakes up.

But, for instance, your brother loves to play games on your iPhone and you don’t want him to go snooping around your photos, videos, audios or personal documents, nor do you ever want to lose your data. For a user like you, technology has a smart solution in the form of Folder Lock for iPhone.

With an efficient application like Folder Lock for iPhone, you can secure your phone in the smartest way possible. All those pictures, documents, notes, videos and audios that you want to keep private and undiscovered from others; you can lock them in Folder Lock for iPhone and enjoy sheer privacy.

What you cannot possibly find in any other iPhone application is its matchless feature of playing audio and video files in the built-in multimedia player of this application. Thus while staying in the interface of this application, you can at the same time transfer files into the locker and play the audio and video files stored in it.

Okay, so now that you are done with protecting your files by locking them in your secure locker; you are entitled to check who is trying to access your files and at what time. With Folder Lock’s Hack Attempt Monitoring feature, you can see the record of all the hacking attempts the intruder tried on your iPhone. As the time of a failed hack attempt also appear in this application, so you can also indentify the person attempting to hack your iPhone, provided that you remember at what time you gave your phone and to whom.

These are not the only wonders offered by this application. More to come your way are the built-in picture viewer and document viewer. That’s right, you can view your photos and documents even when you are uploading content into the application.

What makes it even more unique is its built-in browser that allows you to download files directly from the internet which is something no other iPhone application offers. You can also secure you iPhone photo gallery by adding a copy of your photo to your Locker. Saving the photos twice prevents the chance of losing your photos entirely if you accidentally delete them or lose them as a copy of them will be present in your Locker.

Have fun with your iPhone by keeping your entire private stuff password protected wherever you are.

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