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Baidu’s Successful Test Run Of Self Driven Car

Baidu's Successful Test Run Of Self Driven Car

China is constantly challenging the tech giants all around the globe. Now, Baidu, the Chinese search engine has performed a successful test of their self-driven car. Baidu is claiming that their wonder car was able to successfully cover the distance of 30 kilometers that had mixed roads, different conditions and challenges. Baidu has modified a BMW 3 and it is the first car in China to achieve this goal.

The automated car drove itself for 30 long kilometers without any sort of hassle or mishap. The track did not only have left and right, but, also had some U-turns as well. The car proved to be efficient enough to reduce its acceleration when it found some cars ahead. The self driven car also changed lanes, overtook other cars and merge into traffic with no difficulty. The intelligent car was able to reach a speed of 61 miles per hour.

The self driving cars have excited the tech giants of the market such as Google, Tesla Motors and Uber, along the other car manufacturers. Currently, all the success regarding this technology has been achieved in tests in the controlled environment. However, it is believed that people will be able to ride the cars without the hassle of driving themselves; instead the cars themselves will be driven.

Baidu’s successful test with their self driven car has added another missing element in the puzzle. Google’s cars have driven a million kilometers as the company, but, the top speeds of their cars have been only 25 miles per hour. However, speed is not as significant as control, but, Baidu’s experiment has proved that the car can cover the distance at a pace as well. Baidu has got an edge of Google with their in-car software, AutoBrain.

AutoBrain’s automated map technology can record 3D maps with an error of a few centimeters. The technology helps the car to determine its position, according to the company, the technology also helps the car to recognize road lanes and maintain distance from other cars.

Baidu is planning to set up a separate business unit that will only manufacture the self driven vehicles for the sole purpose of public transportation. The company is planning to accommodate the citizen with these autonomous public vehicles that are to be operated in specific fixed areas. The Chinese search engine seems to be emerging as a heavyweight of this auto-driven car industry.

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