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Jonathan Ladd

Jonathan Ladd is a Senior Security Analyst at NewSoftwares. His primary focus is to provide useful advice and deep insight into the latest threats for system and application level security. He is an IT professional with the goal of providing clear guidance on complex topics.

Two-in-One Data Protection

Ever felt the need to protect your important documents, financial reports, source codes or private files from theft or illegal duplication? With your computer, you have little choice but to worry about the inadequate data protection available in your machine. With countless USB drive slots, open ports, CD/DVD Writers, Memory ...

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Defeating Illegal Distribution Of Data

Unprecedented demand for fresh and relevant information has witnessed an unprecedented data growth over the past decade. This has attracted the ability to retain rights to intellectual data and the capability to protect that data with force. And as data continues to grow and be in demand, intellectual property and ...

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The Future Of Data Security?

Looking at the state of the storage industry, one can easily see the unabated growth of data and its resulting impact on consumers’ ability to retain that data and protect it effectively. According to a latest research, 58% of survey participants envision the growth of data between 11% and 30 ...

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