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Alcatel to Launch Windows 10 Super Phone

Alcatel Windows 10

If you are a fan of Windows 10 operating system, it has not been much of a memorable span for you. Microsoft has two of its own flagship products, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. But, according to experts, Lumia 950 is not good enough to make it a flagship product for any company. In fact, tech experts named it “disappointing flagship”. However, it seems like there are jubilant days for Windows 10 lovers.

Recently, the Consumer Electronic Show, which was held in Las Vegas, brought another Windows 10 phone in the limelight. This time, the manufacturer is not Microsoft and the product is not Lumia. This time Alcatel One Touch is in the act of producing a low budget Windows 10 phone that they are calling Fierce XL. The phone costs just $140, which is quite low actually.

This is not the only Windows Phone that the company is planning to manufacture. They have a plan to enter the Windows Phone market with a budget phone and then a super phone that they are planning to launch some time in 2016. The intend to make a super phone using Windows Phone that can compete against the giants of the market such as Samsung’s Galaxy S series and iPhone family.

This stunt of Alcatel will put them into the limelight if they get able to produce a champion Windows Phone. Alcatel is owned by TLC, who is currently the world fifth largest television manufacturer, but, is unknown among the smartphone users. Their commitment means that users will have a high end smartphone to buy that will be running Windows 10 OS instead of Android or iOS.  Android’s and Apple’s smartphone operating system share a chunk of around 93 percent of the total market share. Whereas, Windows OS only shares 2.6 percent of the total market share.

There are no dates specified so far by the company regarding the launch of their Windows super phone. It would be interesting to see how Alcatel’s super phone stands head to head against the titans of the market.

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