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A Brief Explanation of Data Breach Trends in 2013

A Brief Explanation Data Breach Trend of 2013
A Brief Explanation Data Breach Trend of 2013

There are absolutely no surprises that 2013 was even worse than 2012 regarding the constantly growing issue of data breach. There is no such categorization such as small business, large firm, government, private or individual, every kind of business and individual can be a victim of a data breach that has been proven time and time again. In the year of 2012, almost 75 percent of the data breaches victimized individuals and small scale companies, which is such a huge number. The problem of data breach is known as a global problem because no border no walls can keep you protected against it other than your data security barriers and data security software such as Folder Lock.

In the recent past year, there have been more than 47,000 data security incidents, according to the Verizon’s reports, 621 data breach incidents have been confirmed. The incidents of data breach have been pooled by international destinations and more than 25 countries’ computer users have become its prey. The majority of the culprits is situated in the US as most of the data breach incidents have been headlined from that region, other than that, eastern Europe is also a base from where these hackers act. Bulgaria, Romania and Russian Federation are the pieces of land on which many of these crooks are located.

Experts have always warned the computer users that, it is necessary to have the knowledge of a data breach as soon as possible in order to lessen the severity of loss. But, a bitter truth is that more than 69 percent of the time the data that gets breached is pointed out by a third party. Another 9 percent of those incidents of breach are observed by the customers and just remaining 22 percent of the time company itself comes to know that their records have been compromised. There are some classifications of data thieves that are given below.

The classifications of data thieves are according to the motives, target setting and the tools they use. The first kind of data thieves is Activists. Their goal of stealing data is just to embarrass their targets and make them suffer with no intention of earning or making profit. They are opportunistic and use very basic methods to get the data.
The other kind of data thieves is actually the criminals that steal data to earn, to exploit your data for their good and make you suffer a loss. They do not have intended targets and attack people at large. They know very well which kind of data can benefit them, so they look to get their desired sort of data. They are devilish genius and use comparatively latest tools to break through databases.
The third of data thieves are not actually thieves, they are professional hackers hired by the government to work for them. They usually have pin pointed targets and steal just the kind of data the government wants them to steal. They are the ones that are equipped with the latest hacking tools and are extremely good in their job.

The Verizon’ report has clearly suggested that the situation regarding data breach is just getting worse day by day and computer users have to take good care of their data. Hackers are present in every part of the world and performing their mal activities quite boldly.

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