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Your Smartphone Can Be Someone Else’s Spy



Imagine, you are being stalked by someone, he is everywhere with you. He knows everything about you like, where are you, what you are doing, with whom you are.  These applications are not illegal to sell although it can be illegal to use it on someone without due consent. Actually, the companies that engineer these sort of spy applications, market as something that can be used to spy your cheating spouse, girlfriends/boyfriends, employees or even to track your kids. They can be an extremely handy applications if they are used for a positive purpose. But, you know, usually, human beings love to misuse technology and other facilities.

There are thousands of cases are reported of cyber-spying each year. But, unfortunately, there are no expository rules mentioned in the rule books at the moment. Physical spying is dangerous, but, may not be not as dangerous as cyber-stalking. The stalker can know the exact place where you are, he can turn on your speaker phone reportedly to hear what you are talking about, he can turn on your phone’s camera to learn about your surroundings. All these acts he can do remotely, maybe from a different state. This is the reason people say that technology is not all blessing.

Companies are promoting their spying apps and people are buying them. They are very much affordable. A basic spying app that will give information about the victim’s location and other basic information, costs around $50. But, to get advanced features that will help you read their text messages, will give you access to their call logs (dialed and received calls), furthermore, even get notification about their sent and received text messages and listen their phone conversation. Is there any scarier way of stalking someone? I am sure there isn’t.

These application runs in the stealth mode. Which means, you will not come to know whether there is an application on your phone that is stalking them or not. In fact, it is one of the last thoughts that you get that they have been stalked through their own phone. However, there are some signs that indicate you have been spied through your cell phone. If you find your cell phones’ LED suddenly lights up, there is something fishy on your cell phone. Other than that, if you find some sort of distortion during phone calls, or your flash goes off when you are even taking a picture. If you notice some similar signs, first of all try to consult experts to fix your phone and ask for help from National Center for Victims of Crime’s Stalking Resource Center and the National Network to End Domestic Violence’s Safety Net Project advocate for victims.

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