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Step Inside the Mind of a Hacker to Stay Safe

Mind of a Hacker

Do you think hackers are genius to the extent that they can hack any of your account and get access to all your confidential information? Well, you will be surprised to know that not more than hardly 10 percent of the hack attempts get successful due to hacker’s expertise. Whereas, 90 percent of the times, hackers succeed due to the fact that hackers understand human mind. They use their knowledge of how our brain works. They know it is hard to hack an account in the literal meaning, consequently, they push you to commit mistake. You mistakenly hand over them the keys of your front door. Seamlessly, you cannot protect your jewels in a locker if you are willing to hand over its keys to a thief. To stay safe, you need to understand the hackers’ psyche, human mentality and the art of manipulation.

Finding out bits of information

A popular trick used by hackers is role playing. They can call you as a banking agent and can ask some of your confidential information. After some days or time, they can again call you and try to get some more information about you. Afterwards, they can contact the bank on your behalf and can claim that they have got some information mistakenly wrong.

Attacking at the most unexpected times

Hackers know very well that when human being successfully survives a danger, they lower down their guards. What hackers do is, they launch a fake attack where they do not intend to succeed, as the user tackles this situation, they again launch another attack that is meant to be the damaging one. You are usually not ready to defend yourself against the successive attacks, hence lose your precious information.

Putting trust on you

You always trust someone that first puts trust on you, especially if the other person is the opposite gender. If you are a man, an attractive woman will contact you on the internet by some means and ask you to fix a problem. She will look legitimate and will tell you some of her secret information to win your trust. Afterwards, she will attack your database either when you are fixing her issue or after that, but, she would be devastating for you at the end of the day.

These are some of the ways in which hackers exploit human psyche and they do not have show their brilliant hacking skills. You, yourself hand over all the keys to your precious data and complain that hackers got hold of it with their expertise. If you stay a bit attentive and use Folder Lock alongside, you can ensure the privacy of your confidential information.

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