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Smartphone Privacy: Four Essential Steps to Remember

Smartphone Privacy: Four Essential Steps to Remember
Smartphone Privacy: Four Essential Steps to Remember

Believe it or not, your Smartphone device can be blessing and a curse at the same time. You can use it to find nearby fast food restaurants – for when you are running on an empty stomach, or perhaps connect with loved ones while far away from home. In a nutshell, these devices can – to some extend – function as diminutive computers. Despondently, just like all other handy devices, smart phones are also prone to thievery and loss. Accordingly, if your device is lost or stolen, you can be certain that your data would be accessed and may be used to conduct fraud. Information such as online banking credentials, confidential contacts, location history, and other sensitive information that can critically compromise your identity should be sufficiently guarded. The following steps outline some basic steps you can take to secure your privacy on your portable devices.

Lockdown your mobile device
Although, this step sounds straightforward and is simple to implement, you may be surprised how many folks simply don’t lock their phones for their own convenience. Automatic screen locks on most popular smart mobile phones are a basic feature, and it takes less than five minutes to setup a four digit pass code or an unlock pattern.

Use phone tracking software
There are plenty of free device tracking applications available for all major operating platforms. All it takes is a little bit of effort to download and install one of these apps, and then you can start tracking your gadget. Additionally, most apps also give you the option to remotely delete your confidential data – in case your phone is lost or stolen – giving you complete assurance on the security of your data.

Never leave your mobile phone unattended
Would you ever think of leaving your social security card in a public place? Surely, it would be a foolish mistake on your end. Therefore, why is it then that we tend to leave our phones unattended, be it at the bar, at the restaurant or at the workplace? Keep in mind that your smart mobile phone could contain data such as your residential address, social security number, driver’s license and passport related facts, without you even knowing about it – as we have a tendency to save receptive information and then forget about it.

Encrypt the Data on your phone
Most smart mobile phones are already equipped with an integrated data security feature such as data encryption. Use this free built in protective measure to safeguard your privacy. Moreover, there are also many other, more comprehensive data security applications such as Folder Lock which you can download on your smart device.

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