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Making the Windows Phone OS Better than the Best

Making the Windows Phone OS Better than the Best
Making the Windows Phone OS Better than the Best

Everyone is aware of the contract that is signed between Microsoft and Nokia. Microsoft now possesses the ownership of Nokia. Microsoft once again showed the power of money and tried to stable itself in the arena of Operating System by acquiring Nokia phones against a sum of $7.2 Billion. The idea behind the purchase of a well reputed patent of mobile manufacturer will be to earn by selling the Operating System as well as earning profits in the hardware market. There was also a contract between Nokia and Microsoft that will not Nokia to use any OS other than the Windows Phone OS. That was against a handsome sum of $1 billion. Microsoft is doing everything to compete in the Mobile OS against the two titans Android and iOS. In order to make the opponents sweat, Microsoft has to do some edits and additions in the OS.
There is no doubt that Windows Phone has the most lively and user friendly interface. But, the restrictions that the OS imposes spoil the fun of users many times. The Microsoft’s Operating System is not still supporting Instagram app that is nearly as popular as Facebook or Twitter. If a person uses the smartphone, he is considered to be an active user of social sites. The worst part is that the Windows Phone Operating System is not much efficient regarding the social media usage. Other than that, some small changes in the built in apps can also make big differences. Take calendar for example, the calendar of Windows Phone does not have the option of week view and ICS support. Adding such options can benefit the users. The main reason behind the unpopularity of the Windows Phone Operating System is the lack of fun stuff such as; entertainment apps and games. There is no room for argument that Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Google play are the largest app store that has millions of apps that bind their user with the OS. Windows app store lacks the number of apps, but, still it is growing quite rapidly. At the moment, Windows app store has only about 35 of the top free and top paid apps combined of iTunes and Google Play out of nearly 65 apps. One of the basic uses of smartphone is entertainment. App developers are now heading towards the development of apps of Windows Phone. The problem is that, Microsoft has a very rigid criterion regarding the app approval. Every single app is tested and certified by Microsoft and there is no app store other than Windows app store from where you can download the app for WP. The best thing about Windows Phone OS is that it is the most stable and securest Operating System regarding data. All the malware attacks that cause data breach, approximately, 80 percent of those attacks is against the Android devices, 0.7 percent is against the iPhone and just 0.3 percent of the attacks are against the Windows Phones. Clearly, Windows Phones are the smartphones that contribute the least in data breach. To overcome the small loopholes in the data security measures in Windows Phone, you can use Folder Lock for Windows Phone that can make your Windows Phone’s data security complete. If Microsoft makes the mentioned additions and edits, it can definitely make Windows Phone better than the best. Powered by NewSoftwares.net

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