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How Do Hackers Steal Your Passwords?


If you are a regular internet user, you might have experienced for at least once of getting your account hacked. It could be your Facebook account, email account or E-banking account. At that time, when you could not log into your account, you must have got confused and then you probably had realized that you have become a victim of hacking. If you come to know that tricks used by hackers to get your password, you can secure yourself. When you know the actual risk, you can take better precautionary measures against it. Thus, knowing hackers’ strategy, you can neutralize the threat in a better manner.

Phishing pages

It is a common technique and widely used by hackers. In this technique, the user sees a page exactly identical to a login page of a reliable website page such as Facebook. Hackers first send a message to the user or somehow notifies the user that there is something bad is posted about you and a link to that post is also given. Once the user clicks on the link, a phishing page opens that looks exactly the same as the Facebook login page. When the user enters its email address and password, it gets registered  in the hacker’s database. Afterwards, the user is taken to the same page, where he saw the link and he just gets annoyed, but, do not realize that he has got his security credentials stolen.


Keyloggers are one of the basic tools to fetch out passwords. They are installed in the memory of a computer and record each keystroke. Hackers usually set a time on which the keylogger sends them all the details of keystrokes and other necessary information. In order to avoid such  a threat and use difficult passcodes. While entering password, account number or any such delicate information. Trojan


Trojan horses are the most commonly found malware and they are almost inevitable. Almost all computer users love to use free software and they download them from different shareware websites. When someone downloads software from a website, he or she downloads Trojan horses unintentionally. This malware infects your computer in the background  It is a more sophisticated tool for hackers than keyloggers and others. It provides hacker much more detailed information and he can access the user’s PC even more conveniently.

You need to be aware of the threat in order to avoid it. If you want to stay safe from such dangers, use a quality antivirus software. Moreover, use firewall, it filters out infectious elements from reaching your system. If you are using a USB flash drive, do not run in an autoplay mode. If your USB drives contain some sort of malware, it will itself get triggered. These are some of the many guidelines given to ordinary computer users to stay safe online and offline. Passwords play a big role in your security, you should recognize their importance.

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