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Expect These Low Profile Smartphones to be the World Beaters


Low Profile Smartphones

With constant smartphone evolution, there is always something new for the users to look for. Smartphone manufactures are constantly wowing users around the world with their brilliant innovation. Phones like Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPhone 7 are highly anticipated and everyone is looking forward to them. Whereas, there are some upcoming smartphones that are not being talked much, but, they have some champion features. Here I am discussing some of the under-appreciated phones who can actually make the giants to run for their money.

BlackBerry Vienna

After announcing their first Android headset, Priv, BlackBerry is soon going to launch Vienna. There is not much revealed about the new masterpiece of BlackBerry, but it is expected to be a bar phone with a fixed keyboard (unlike Priv, who had a sliding keyboard). The future of Vienna will heavily depend on the performance of BlackBerry Priv. There are fair chances that Vienna will be much more affordable than the company’s first Android phone. Its design is somewhat the signature design of BlackBerry. Although, there is not much of information about the specs and the release date of this phone, but, it is expected to be launch at sometime in February, 2016.

Microsoft Surface Phone

The idea of Microsoft Surface Phone is somewhat producing an ultimate Windows Phone.  Now, Microsoft manufactures the whole product line of Lumia, which was previously made by Nokia. It is expected that the tech giant will brand this phone a bit differently and it will bear an Intel powered processor. The company intends to run the Surface Phone on the latest update of Windows 10. The company will surely try to make the most of Windows 10 stability and smooth performance. There is no final verdict on the launching date from the company; however, it is not expected to be launched before the later part of 2016.

Acer Predator 6

Acer is going to launch a marvelous smartphone for gamers. The company will soon launch Predator 6, a 6-inch phone with a decacore MediaTek processor and there is 4GB of RAM in order to play console-styled games while on the go. Moreover, the phone features a 21 MP rear camera, four speakers and gives an epic feedback when held in portrait mode to help simulate joy pad controls on the touch screen. The anticipated smartphone from Acer is falling in also falling in their same gaming product line, which are all called Predator. The company also launched a gaming tab with the name of Predator 8 that also has a similar functionality.

Google Project Ara

Google Project Ara was created by Motorola, but, it has been shifted to Google now as Motorola has been taken over by Lenovo.  Unfortunately, the company has announced that they have postponed the launch of this phone and users can expect it in somewhere next year. Project Ara is actually an exoskeleton that allows the users to modify. It will help users to make their device their dream phone kind of a thing. There can be a third party component offered for competitive pricing and new types of parts. There will be a lot of room for modification.

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