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Do You Have Any Hidden Skeletons in Your Android Phone?


When cell phones first became main stream, they played a vital role in changing the dynamics of how people communicated – a device capable of making phone calls wirelessly – surely it had to be revolutionary – if not ground breaking. However, the mere concept of simply making phone call wirelessly had gotten old eventually and users began to demand more from their cell phones. Consequently, slowly – but steadily – smart phones came into the mobile phone consumer marketplace, at first this market was dominated by the iPhone, but eventually user demand shifted towards the Android platform, and it still continues to do so

Today, 80 percent of the smart phone consumer marketplace is dominated by Android handsets. However, most users don’t know the fact that there is also a dark side to the Android platform – its vulnerability to attacks and its lack of data security features.

A recent research report revealed that Android smart-phone users – knowingly or unknowingly – have more thwarting data than they realized. Additionally, more and more smart-phone users are storing extremely sensitive data from their private lives, without realizing the consequences of their actions. Accordingly, it’s clear that we have become our smart-phones and our smart-phones have become us – similar to a vital body part.

Moving on, a recent survey conducted by New Software’s, an Oregon based information Security Company, revealed that smart phone users are most fearful of others discovering their naked pictures saved on their smart-phones. The qualitative survey, conducted on 2,000 android Smartphone users were asked “what type of data you fear most of being accessed by others?” Not surprisingly, nearly 58 percent selected “My Naked pictures”, while 34 percent feared that their banking statements would be discovered – it was inferred that people feel strongly about others discovering their bank balance – more specifically their salary/income. Finally, the remaining percentages of subjects were mainly concerned about their personal chats and emails being read by others.

Looking at these facts, it’s obvious that our smart phones make us do stupid things – like storing extremely sensitive data. Keep in mind that android phones are mobile devices, and like all other mobile devices, they are moved around. Being on the move with our mobile devices wouldn’t be a bad thing, had there been no risk of them being lost or stolen. Thus, it makes perfect sense to completely avoid storing such information on your android phone. On the other hand, can we really, truly get the most out of our mobile devices without storing personal data? Dejectedly, the answer is “No”. Therefore, the only viable solution to protecting one’s embarrassing and confidential data is by downloading a free data security application capable locking pictures, videos, documents and other miscellaneous data. One app that can do all these things is called Folder Lock for Android.
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