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Big Data – A blessing or a Curse?

Big Data and Folder lock Encryption
Big Data and Folder lock Encryption

It is almost obvious that you have heard the name of Big Data as it is the new big thing in town. Some people have a perception that big data is even bigger than the internet. It is not an argument anymore that big data have become a part of our life. Some of us are still unable to figure out that what really big data is? Well the reality is big data is nothing much except us. It is our ability to create data on a daily basis on the internet. The big data boom is not just about analytics, but, it is related to smart data management and the most precious asset i.e. data. There are two opinions regarding the big data. One opinion is in the favor of big data and the other is against the big data.

The opinion in the favor of big data is not a threat to data security but indeed is a blessing. It allows us the freedom to carry out many processes in just a fraction of a second. It can be really helpful to trace activities which may restrict the criminal activities.The other view of big data is that it is a threat to the security to privacy. Companies are using big data to their advantage; companies promote their products in front of the people who are likely to have an interest in their product. Companies track their interest by keeping a keen eye on their web activities. The technology allows tons of threat data to be analyzed and used to thwart intruders. In the enterprise, it can be used to analyze volumes of network traffic to reveal insider trouble and advanced persistent threats. The drawback of big data is that it has been developed without considering the data security threats related to it. As big data uses Hadoop to manage the huddles of computers used to chomp the mountains of data fed into it.This can cause trouble to the defenders if they will be using orthodox security measures. Traditional security tools are developed to tackle threats to a single database. The cloud technology is safe but it can be leaked if the account gets exposed. In order to make the data foolproof secure. Its better use Folder Lock that can encrypt folders, you can save the encrypted folders in the cloud technology to simply make them inaccessible. The files that are secured by using Folder Lock even be right to access those files. Folder Lock is an amazing software equipped with all the best possible security measures you need to make your data safe and secure.

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