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Rise of Folder Locking data security in 2017


It’s hard to believe that 2016 is coming to an end. There are some exciting predictions from technology experts. It seems that 2017 will bring new and exciting technologies that will make life more convenient, healthier and safer than ever before. We can say that 2017 is a step forward ...

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Everything you need to know about data leaks in 2017


With the recent hacking of Yahoo servers, Information security experts are questioning yahoo’s cyber security practices. A second breach that target user information, nearly one billion users were affected from this breach. The first breach occurred in 2013, raising alarms that if a large tech company like Yahoo was unable ...

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Lock File and Folder with Encryption Software


Most people, who hear about encryption, often express symptoms of confusion. They don’t know how encryption works. They know that it can Lock file or several files in one click. There is many software out there that can lock file, but they have limitation, i.e. lacking proper encryption, thus they ...

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