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Top 10 Android Apps : Personal Digital Assistant


Personal Digital Assistant applications have become very essential for your android phones. Sometimes you are so much busy in your work that you find it hard to pick up your phone again and again to check whoever is calling you. In some cases you are far away from your phone ...

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Top 10 Android Apps : Photo & Video Security


One of the feature which has been continuously improving on smartphones is the camera. Nowadays, smartphones come loaded with different mega-pixel cameras and also a great set of features including good low light imaging and other stuff. Because of this, you might be using your smartphone as a substitute for ...

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Top 10 Free Android Apps : Video Tools


Do you have some secret videos stored on your smartphone and you fear that they can be viewed by all? Probably among the hundreds of videos you’ve taken on your Android, it is possible that some are particularly embarrassing or that you prefer not to show to other people. Never ...

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